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March 16, 2018
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March 17, 2018

Google Tips Marketers Can’t Afford to Miss


Have you heard Google’s thunderous bellow? It’s shouting: “Hey marketers! Yeah, you guys, the ones producing all the content. SEO is still really important.”

Here are four recent instances of this:

1. Google drastically improved Search Console

Free software (formerly known as Webmaster Tools), Search Console is designed to help users understand and improve their websites. Got a new blog post? Great. Submit it in Search Console for indexing.

Want to know what your website visitors searched for to find your website? No problem. Use the new beta version of Search Console to check out 16 months of queries (recently increased from 90 days). These are the keywords people are typing in when visiting your website … what are you waiting for? Figure out which ones convert and produce amazing related content.

Google also recently asked users how to make Search Console better. And – wait for it – then implemented popular requests. Check out this recent post from Google for further details: How listening to our users helped us build a better Search Console.

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